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Black Sea. Neal Ascherson

Формат: 130x165
Переплет: Мягкий
Автор: Neal Ascherson
Букинистическое состояние: Удовлетворительное
Издательство: Hill and Wang
Год издания: 1996
Количество страниц: 320
Язык: Английский

In this study of the fateful encounters between Europe and Asia on the shores of a legendary sea, Neal Ascherson explores the disputed meaning of community, nationhood, history, and culture in a region famous for its dramatic conflicts. What makes the Back Sea cultures distinctive, Ascherson agrues, is the way their comonent parts came together over the millennia to shape unique communities, languages, religions, and trade. As he shows with skill and persuasiveness, Black Sea patterns in the Caucasus, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, and Greece have linked the peoples of Europe and Asia together for centuries.


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